Nymano AudioShaper - transient shaper designed for musicians

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Shape your sounds: drums, vocals, synths...

Shape the transients of your songs easily

This plugin, based around a transient shaper adapted to the needs of musicians and beatmakers, allows to shape sounds and make them more impactful. Adapted to drums and percussions but also working on other sounds (rhodes, guitar, voice...), it will allow you to give character to your tracks.

With VST/VST3/AU formats, explore new creative possibilities in the blink of an eye.

Intuitive interface for easy and quick shaping

We designed this plugin to make it easy to quickly test adding/removing transients. Load this plugin and test your ideas quickly!

Shape perfectly tight drums

Tighten up your drums to make them sound punchier and more defined. The knobs allow you to dial in the perfect level of transient shaping to suit your track.

Whether you want your drums to sit perfectly in the mix or stand out with their own unique character, this plugin gives you the flexibility to achieve the sound you want.

Made with <3 by an indie producer

This plugin is the result of a passion for music and a dedication to quality audio production. Made with <3 by an indie producer, this plugin brings a unique perspective and attention to detail that can only come from someone who truly understands the needs of musicians and producers.


> VST - VST3 - AU

> MacOS / Windows

- made with <3 by nymano

If you need help: julien@nymanoaudio.com

This product is not currently for sale.

You'll get: VST3/VST/AU versions of the plugin

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Nymano AudioShaper - transient shaper designed for musicians

12 ratings